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Conditions for approval

LENO footwear




All shoes specified as certified footwear to be sold on the European market must undergo a special test. The requirements for qualification is determined by the norm EN 344 which specifies the basic requirements for testing of the shoes. Specific requirements for certified footwear are EN 345 – EN 347.


Certified footwear in accordance with:

EN ISO 20345:2011 Class SB+E


EN ISO 20347:2011 Class 0

Shoes manufactured to comply with EN 20345 are made with toe caps. The standard states that the impact protection is 200 joule, the com-pression (crushing) 15000 N  and that the sole meets the requirements for energy absorption.

Shoes manufactured to comply with EN 20347 are without toe caps. These shoes are meant for commercial use and provide a good environ-mental protection for the feet. 0 indicates that the shoes are classified as certified footwear.


The leader used for the uppers is tested  to meet the standard requirement for the tearing- and pull strength, ventilation of water vapour and the pH-value.



The recommended material for the insole is required to meet the standards with regards to abrasion resistance, water absorption (sweat), pH-value and thickness.


Material used for the outsole must meet the required standards which fulfils the tearing – and abrasive resistance, bending fatigue, hydrolyze (water absorption), oil resistance and thickness.


  LENO Safety & Cert. shoes

  LENO footwear        original


LENO's certified footwear are manufactured with our own developed insole for best fitness. Some material used in the production are Cambrelle, Texon 480 and pig skin. We have even developed our own outsole (Clog & Kil) solely for LENO footwear original. Due to the special foot fitness, the shoes are well liked. For the uppers, the company uses specially selected cowhide overlaid with a thin layer of polyurethane (PU)

LENO footwear

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